Annual membership of the Association is € 10.

Membership is a prerequisite for all activities except traineeships.


Atelier Leolibus is a non-profit association under the 1901 law.

Designed as a centre for sharing and conviviality, the Association wants to encourage meetings and exchanges between artists and the public through sales exhibitions, cultural events, courses open to adults and children. Ethics and ecology are at the heart of the project: in a rich and preserved natural environment, we aim to use natural materials, local where possible; to pursue non-toxic, non-polluting activities; to encourage members and the public to come and discover manual and artisanal practices; to introduce sources of well-being and better-being. The earth is at the core of our work, the earth which heals, source of life, which defines this Périgord region, and with which we must reconnect to be able to refocus, resisting the all-virtual and technicist ideologies that are harmful to our physical and mental health. The courses offered by our professional tutors can relate as much to physical and spiritual well-being (natural therapy, energy care, naturopathy) as to art (pottery, plastic arts, non-toxic engraving, textile art) or theatrical practice and art-therapy.

Financial conditions

Quarterly lessons are payable at the beginning of the first week. Payment in cash, check, bank transfer (ask for bank details) are acceptable. Payment in instalments is available.

For traineeships, a deposit is required, payable by check or bank transfer (ask for bank details); the balance is payable by check or cash.

Terracotta, raw earthenware, raw stoneware: from 1.5€/kg

Low-temperature ceramic firing (earthenware) in an electric kiln at 980°C (1796°F) then 1020°C (1868°F) : €2 per normal-sized piece.

High-temperature ceramic firing (stoneware) in an electric kiln at 980°C (1796°F) then 1250°C (2282°F) or 1280°C (2336°F) : €5 per normal-sized piece.

Health and security

According to current regulations.